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Foshan Linzhi Polymer Material Technology Co., LTD., was founded in 2008, is a private research enterprise with own laboratory. Long-term commitment to special functional materials, especially buffer absorption materials – ACF research and industrialization, is the world's leading ultimate buffer materials and impact protection technology solutions provider. It was awarded with the title of “Special New Enterprise “ from Foshan City. It has 85 employees, 8,880 square meters of room for scientific research and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, 43 cutting-edge research and development test equipment, and 2 enterprises with a market value of over 100 million yuan. The R&D team consists of 1 academician, 5 doctors, 3 masters and 12 other members. The team has won the highest scientific and technological award support of 12.5 million yuan from Foshan “Class A Innovative Talent Team", passed the defense center of Guangdong province for 8 million yuan, applied for 52 patents, completed 3 national standards and 1 military standard, and provided professional solutions and standard services for military, economic and social problems caused by impact, collision, vibration and explosion in military and civilian fields.



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Possibly, sustainability, consistency  

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Service to Customers

Focus on being a good product in customers’ mind.

Continuous improvement of personal value and organizational efficiency

Technological innovation is everywhere

Embrace speed and change

Stay active and growing

Continuous improvement, never stop;

From the beginning to do right, do through, do a bit,

Colleagues who help others succeed in their careers are forced to build their own.

Do what you must.