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Individual combat solution

Individual combat solution

The idea that life is in motion is getting more and more attention, and more people begin to exercise jogging every day to exercise their own bodies. Linzhi company specializes in producing ACF artificial cartilage insole, breathable deodorant, anti-sweat anti-bacterial, comfortable and natural, shock absorption buffer function prominent.
In the process of sports, we need to rely on the strength of the foot to support the completion, so the impact of a relatively large load is concentrated in the foot, and the foot will produce a lot of sweat in the human body during running, if the permeability of the insole Poor moisture absorption, will breed foot bacteria, easily lead to smelly feet, Hong Kong feet, and choose insole is not appropriate, it will cause damage to the foot, causing sprains.
ACF Laboratories Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of ACF artificial cartilage insole in 11 years. It focuses on protecting the health of the human foot. Linzhi's insole is made of ACF artificial cartilage foam, which has natural cushioning and shock absorption, and can also have anti-mildew and antibacterial effects. , To improve the comfort of the foot environment, thereby increasing the joy of jogging, and truly promote the health of the human body.
ACF artificial cartilage insole: It has the best cushioning and shock absorption ability, can absorb more than 90% of impact force, and has unmatched impact protection performance.