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Medical and health applications

Medical and health applications

With the development of science and technology, the application of polymer materials in medical and health fields is becoming more and more widespread. Polymer materials produced by Linzhi Company, such as ACF materials and memory foam foams, can be applied to medical care.
In the nursing field, patients with diabetes need to use personalized, specially-made insoles to reduce pressure on the foot and prevent heel ulcers. Insole made of ACF material is suitable for patients with diabetes, relieve the pressure on the feet of patients, and improve the foot Comfort.
According to the structure of the human foot, Linzhi uses biomechanical design concepts to develop and produce ACF insoles. The cushioning function of the ACF insole is prominent, which can minimize the pressure on the foot and can effectively improve the diabetic patients. Swelling and pain caused by standing, walking, and exercise, relieve swelling of the foot and pain in the arch, effectively reducing the occurrence of ankles, corns, and heel ulcers, and improving the comfort of the patient when walking.
In the medical field, cushions, pillows, and mattresses made of memory foam foam can disperse the pressure that the body lays down, effectively prevent bedsores, help relieve pain, increase comfort, and promote sleep. Promote patient's recovery.
The Memory Sponge Foam produced by Linzhi Company is a kind of slow-rebound material. It has a soft hand and a slow rebound speed. It absorbs impact force, disperses impact force, and effectively protects the human body. It also has the function of breathable deodorization. The mattress made of memory foam can prevent the production of acne, being soft and comfortable, and providing a comfortable and natural environment for the human body.