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Electronic product application

Due to its good cushioning properties and shock absorbing properties, foams have become widely used as buffer materials in modern times. Foam plastics have the advantages of light weight, easy processing, good protection performance, wide adaptability, and low price, but also have the disadvantages of large size, waste cannot be naturally weathered, and incineration processing will generate harmful gases. With the serious environmental pollution and the scarcity of resources in the natural world, the hazards of foam plastics to the environment have caused great concern. Although degraded plastics have been developed with the development of science and technology, such plastics are expensive, the processing conditions are strict, and they cannot be degraded 100%. Therefore, the widespread application of such degradable plastics is limited. Therefore, foam plastic will gradually be replaced by other environmental protection buffer materials.
Paper cushioning packaging material
The use of paper cushioning packaging materials has a long history. However, due to the price and performance advantages of foam plastics, the development of paper buffer packaging materials has been limited. In recent years, serious environmental pollution problems have prompted people to shift their attention to the development of environmentally friendly materials; Paper cushioning packaging material is one of them. The paper buffer packaging materials that are currently used in the market are corrugated cardboard and honeycomb paperboard.
Corrugated paperboard has the advantages of good processability, low cost, wider use temperature range than foam, and no packaging hazards. However, there are also some drawbacks: if the surface is hard, the surface of the contents cannot be directly contacted when packing high-grade goods, and the relative movement between the contents and the buffer board may damage the surface of the contents; poor moisture resistance; low recovery, etc. .
Pulp molding
Pulp molding uses pulp (or waste paper) as the main raw material. After pulping and seasoning, it is injected into a mold to form and dry it. The raw materials of the products are rich in sources, and the production and use process are pollution-free. The products have light weight, high compressive strength, good cushioning properties and good recyclability. Pulp molded products have developed rapidly in China, but due to their limited strength, they are currently used only in the buffer packaging of some small electronic products, fruits, eggs, etc., and cannot be used for buffer packaging of heavier products.
Cushioning material
The cushion cushion material is air cushion film, which is formed by high-frequency hot-press molding of polyvinyl chloride film, filled with nitrogen, similar to a small pillow, transparent and elastic, and suitable for cushioning packaging of light and small products. However, the air-cushion film is susceptible to expansion and contraction due to the ambient air temperature. Swelling will cause damage to the outer case and the packaged goods, shrinkage will cause the contents of the package to move, which will destabilize the package and eventually cause product damage.
Polymer materials can be used in the field of electronic product protection, such as mobile phone protection cover, home appliance protection device, digital product casing packaging, etc., polymer materials produced by Linzhi Co., Ltd. can effectively protect electronic products and extend the use of electronic products. life.
ACF Laboratories is the world's leading supplier of limit buffers and technology solutions. Through the breakthrough research on materials such as physical and chemical properties, the inter-brand laboratories injected the technology into the raw materials through the process to make the materials possess various high performances. Among them, the ACF buffer energy-absorbing material can absorb 70% to 90% of the impact force. Protective equipment, shoes and clothing, automobiles, aircraft, military and other fields have a wide range of uses. Inter-brand is committed to using advanced materials technology and perfect product design to support and protect the human body from harm, is committed to the material to support the mission of life and create customer value.
ACF artificial cartilage foam material is a commonly used material in daily life, its finished product sealed cell structure, good water resistance, non-absorbent, good flexibility, good chemical stability, effectively prevent oxidation and moisture of electronic products, effectively protect electronic products . ACF artificial cartilage foam material is widely used in the field of electronic product applications, the more commonly used is a mobile phone protective cover and mouse pad, the product is non-toxic, odorless, moisture-proof, non-slip, chemical resistance, so that electronic products are more durable.