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Automotive applications

Automotive applications

The safety and comfort of the car is closely related to various cushioning components.
Such as cushions, airbags, bumper linings, etc.
The polymer foam material produced by ACF Laboratories can greatly reduce shock absorption.
Effectively protect the safety of people and vehicles.
When the car is in the process of driving, it will inevitably encounter uneven road conditions.
It will make the vehicle jolt, so the role of the cushion must play the role of shock absorption,
Reduce the impact on the human body and enhance comfort.
In the event of an accidental collision, the car's airbag can protect the body's head from collision.
Reduce impact damage to the human body.
ACF Laboratories fully utilizes advanced science and technology and tirelessly develops and improves polymer materials.
In order to produce a variety of foam materials with unique features and excellent quality,
Among them, the ACF (artificial cartilage foam) material has outstanding functions and can absorb 70%-90% of the impact force.
Suitable for automotive protection.