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Military-grade protection solution

Military-grade protection solution

ACF artificial cartilage foam:
ACF artificial cartilage foam has a strong buffer protection function, can be applied to long-distance travel backpacks, mountaineering bags, professional adventure backpacks, etc. When customers carry out long-distance, long-distance, professional outdoor activities, bags made of ACF artificial cartilage foam , Can minimize the weight of the backpack, reduce the pressure on the shoulders, protect the spine from deformation due to the weight of the backpack, reduce fatigue during outdoor sports.
ACF artificial cartilage foam is a polymer material, has a strong endurance, greatly enhance the compressive capacity, effectively shock absorption, shock absorption function, reduce the impact of external impact on the human body, effectively protect the human body is easy to hurt, important The location.
Osorius Materials:
Osorai material has a breathable deodorant function, when we carry a backpack, especially in the summer, the body is prone to sweat, the backpack because of contact with the human body, will absorb the body's sweat, as time passes, the backpack is prone to odor. With the Othrai material, the air permeability of the backpack is even higher, and the air can circulate in the straps and backpacks, effectively preventing odors, and more effectively ventilating, dehumidifying and antibacterial. Osorai materials use environmentally friendly materials that do not cause pollution to the environment.