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Vehicle protection solution

Vehicle protection solution

Linzhi Company produces raw materials and semi-finished products for sports protection products. The cushioning function of products made from ACF artificial cartilage foam is prominent. It can protect the most vulnerable parts of the human body, such as the head, neck, waist, wrists and elbows. Knees and so on, can absorb about 70% -90% of impact, fully protect the human body.
When we conduct outdoor activities, the road surface will be more rugged and steep, and people need to be supported by the strength of the foot during outdoor sports. Therefore, we need to prepare professional outdoor sports shoes. At the same time, we should attach importance to the function of the insole. Osholai insoles produced by Linzhi Co., Ltd. can be widely used in outdoor sports shoes. It has the functions of breathable deodorization, mildewproof and antibacterial, cushioning and shock absorption, preventing the production of athlete's foot, and can bring comfort to the feet of outdoor sportsmen. , thereby increasing the fun of outdoor sports.
In the course of sports and competitions, the body will inevitably be subject to collision. When the traditional clothing is impacted by external forces, it will directly transmit the impact energy to the human body and cause harm to the human body. Therefore, we should wear sports protective clothing and sports protection. Clothing is the absorption of vibration materials integrated in the clothing, absorbing the impact of the outside world, effectively reduce the harm to the human body.
ACF materials have unsurpassed impact protection performance and have a wide range of applications.