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Medical rehabilitation solution

Medical rehabilitation solution

ACF Laboratories is the world's leading supplier of limit buffers and technology solutions. The laboratory through the material in the physical and chemical properties of breakthrough research, the technology through the process into the raw materials, so that the material has a variety of high performance, which ACF buffering energy absorbing material, can absorb 70% -90% of the impact force in the protective gear , shoes, clothing, automobiles, aircraft, military and other fields have a wide range of uses. Inter-brand is committed to using advanced materials technology and perfect product design to support and protect the human body from harm, is committed to the material to support the mission of life and create customer value.
The company's ACF artificial cartilage foam, developed and produced by the company, can provide the best cushioning and shock absorption function, effectively absorb the impact during transportation, and maximally withstand the impact force and vibration, and effectively protect valuables.
ACF artificial cartilage foam material can also act as a moisture barrier layer, good moisture absorption, recyclable, durable materials, and cost-effective, ACF artificial cartilage foam is your best choice.