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Warmly celebrate the successful listing of Lin Zhi's parent company, Inter-Dian Code

On September 28, 2016, Inter-Dian (Shanghai) New Material Technology Co., Ltd. successfully listed the Shanghai Technology Exchange Board of Equity Trusteeship Exchange
On September 28, 2016, Inter-Dian (Shanghai) New Material Technology Co., Ltd. successfully listed the Shanghai Technology Exchange Board of Equity Trusteeship Exchange, the share name "N mutual code", stock code 300070. A total of nine people, including Mr. Wang Bowei, the chairman of the board of directors, Ms. Chen Siyu, general manager, Wang Xiaogang, deputy general manager, and Cai Jin, deputy chief, attended the listing ceremony and witnessed this landmark moment. Our company is dedicated to the development of limit buffer materials, relying on scientific and technological innovation to build core competitiveness, with a number of invention patents and intellectual property rights, independent research and development of new materials can be widely used in aviation, military, automotive, luggage, insoles, protective gear, etc. Multiple areas. Over the years, our company has always been adhering to the corporate mission of "Let materials support life", adhere to blaze new trails, achieve sustainable development, provide customers with the best service, and create maximum value for shareholders.
The bright prospects of the company and the leading technological advantages of new materials in the world have attracted the attention of many investment institutions. The company’s listing was successfully realized under the sponsorship of Ruizi Investment, and will jointly plan a new industrial sector with Ruizi Investment, relying on the developed automobile industry in Jiading District of Shanghai and giving full play to the unique technological advantages of new materials. The new materials will be successfully integrated with the automotive sector, seeking for incremental business development and expanding new frontiers in the market.
After the news of the Mutual Code Technology's proposed listing of Shanghai Equity Custody Exchange Center’s science and technology innovation board, many well-known investment institutions at home and abroad competed to reach out to our company for cooperation and win-win results. After repeated weighings with the recommending institutions, the final selection was made. It is determined that Hong Kong Guosheng, an overseas investment agency, will be the investment institution for this financing. At the same time, this financing has also become the first project to realize cross-border financing in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone. After sitting on the only domestic technology patent in the same field, it has created yet another “first”.
The successful registration of the Mutual Code Science and Technology is a new milestone on the road to corporate development. It is both a full affirmation of past achievements and a great encouragement and spur to face the challenges of the future. Standing on a new platform for a new capital market, Mutual Code Technology will establish a new starting point, plan new ideas, and rely on the financial services ecosystem to enhance brand influence. We will not forget our heart, continue to move forward, conquer the next technological peak, and strive to grow continuously. Excellent performance to give back to customers, give back to investors, give back to society!