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In Sansan, he developed the world's highest protection grade limit buffer in 12 years!

In Sansan, he developed the world's highest protection grade limit buffer in 12 years!

● Principle: Based on the three-dimensional ultrastructure of cartilage bionics, the impact energy is instantly converted into invisible heat energy.
● R&D: In March 2006, Wang Bowei founded the ACF laboratory at home. Inspired by the functional structure of cartilage, he used biomimetics, polymer chemistry, biomechanics, and model building to extract plants and oils. Liquids are chemically tested to gradually adjust and control various physical parameters as the liquid becomes a solid and make it infinitely close to human cartilage structures.
In 2008, Wang Bowei established Linzhi Company; in March 2011, after tens of thousands of trials in 6 years, he successfully developed a bio-articular cartilage technology with three-dimensional ultrastructure that was bionic in vegetable oil-based cartilage. It can absorb more than 70%~90% of impact force, instantaneously transform impact energy into heat energy, break through from the perspective of basic materials and realize impact protection from inside and outside of human body or valuables.
●Product application:
Human impact protection, such as shoes, helmets, protective gear, protective clothing, body armor;
Car crash: such as bumpers, crash beams, seats, etc.;
High-speed rail, aircraft, aircraft buffer energy absorption;
Protection of valuables, such as anti-dropping of mobile computers, vibration reduction of drone robots;
Others include military training, sports, medical corrections, explosion-proof bulletproofs, and so on.